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1. Spend time outside noticing energy and movement of spring as things grow and bloom.  Notice the creative and flexible adaptation of plants and trees as they more life forward.

2. Liver/ball bladder energies influence our dreams. By listening to our dreams more carefully, we may engender new visions or allow suppressed parts of ourselves and our energy to flower.

3. Spring is a wonderful time for stimulating creative expression.  How can you allow your creativity to bloom now?  Projects, art, dancing, writing, etc.?

4. Spring is a great time for action, starting projects and planning.  Make use of that added energy.

5. Ask yourself, how important is this issue to me?  Is the frustration and anger the only option?  Look at the situation from a broader perspective, as if you were someone else looking at a distance, or view it like a movie camera.  What is the limiting belief being activated which has control over me right now?  What do I need to accept?  How can I bend or go around the obstacle?

6. In avoiding opposition attitudes in ourselves, it is helpful to remember that it takes two people to pull on the opposite ends of a rope in order to maintain its tension level.  All it takes is for one person to let go of the rope.