How Acupuncture Eases Your Pain

In the last forty years, science has made great strides in understanding the connection between acupuncture therapy and pain. Specifically, research has focused on the effects of acupuncture, especially where pain and analgesics are concerned. Traditional Chinese medicine views of acupuncture suggest the existence of an energy called “qi,” which streams throughout the body and ... Read More

6 Stages of Change: Taking Control of Your Life One Step at a Time

Making important changes in our lives can sometimes be more difficult than we think. To make lasting changes occur, we need to see the steps it takes to get to the goal, not just the single decision to act. Making a choice to try acupuncture therapy, manual therapy or other forms of therapy isn’t a ... Read More

Acupuncture for Migraines

Millions of people suffer from migraines daily. A migraine headache is a severe pain which may be experienced on one or both sides of the head. Some may experience sensitivity to sound, light and feelings of nausea, or vomiting. Acupuncture therapy has been used in China for hundreds of years for the treatment of different ... Read More

Why Health and Wellness Depends On Integrative Therapeutic Care

When a patient comes to me complaining of pain, I begin by examining the area of discomfort, while also taking into account other possible sources of the pain. This is because I’ve found the effective treatment of pain employs an integrative therapeutic approach that takes into account physical, emotional and mental wellness. Our complex lives ... Read More

Acupuncture for Childbirth

Acupuncture therapy in Reston and Chinese medicine can provide a safe and effective form of treatment for many problems that arise before, during and after pregnancy. Acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine support, strengthen, and balance overall health and well-being. In addition, acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbal medicine help regulate menstruation and hormone balance. Pregnancy problems ... Read More

Acupuncture for Breeched Babies?

In a study published in the Journal of Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine (April, 2004), two hundred and forty women carrying a fetus in breech presentation were randomly assigned to a treatment group (acupuncture done on UB67 with moxibustion) and an observation group. At delivery, in the acupuncture treatment group 53.6% had turned head-down position while ... Read More

Qigong Fact Sheet

Qigong is pronounced “chee-gung” and literally means “energy exercise.” An ancient Chinese healing system similar to Tai Chi and Yoga. Estimated 5,000 years old. The foundation of both acupuncture and Tai Chi. Practiced by over 80 million people each day. A typical Qigong workout can last from ten minutes to one hour. An exercise system ... Read More

Body Work

Body work is a form of therapeutic or personal development. It involves the principal of touch as healing, the manipulation of connective and muscle tissue, the use of breath work, movement and exercise. Unlike massage, the aim of body work is to restore postural balance, body-mind integration, release of stress patterns and impaired function, and ... Read More

Nutrition and Health Care

In my acupuncture practice in Washington DC, I recommend a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet. Epidemiological studies have shown the Mediterranean diet to be anti-inflammatory and helpful in nutrition and health care value. It is high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats such olive oil. The diet uses fish, poultry ... Read More

Health and Prevention: the role of interval training exercise

The role of inflammation in the formation of plaques that can lead to heart diseases and heart attacks has been documented in numerous research studies. Exercise plays a role in health and prevention by helping your body clear free radicals that cause inflammation and result in the formation of plaques that can break off from ... Read More