The Five Phase Model or Being and Evolution

Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. practices acupuncture in Reston, Virginia, Bethesda, Maryland and in Washington D.C. The Five Phases As a Model for Problem Solving and Goal Setting The Five Phases model provides us with a set of guidelines and questions that are useful for solving problems and setting goals.  Traditionally the Five Phases correspond to its ... Read More

Unity, Core Consciousness and Change

The idea of the Tao (Way) and of Qi energy suggests an interconnectedness between all phenomena, a oneness.  This idea is represented by the foundational principle of Unity.  The principle of Unity suggests that we all come from the same source, all life is interconnected, and the seed of the Source is within everyone.  As ... Read More

Problem Solving Guideline 1

WOOD Spring Birth of new ideas/Beginnings/              Vision/Planning New growth                                 Intention/Decision making/Judgment Direction                                                Evaluation of Pros and Cons Future                                                    Anger/assertion of being What is my vision? What is my goal? What are the positive and negative aspects of my goal? Is my identity affected by the goal?  If so, how? What is the purpose of my ... Read More

Problem Solving Guideline 2

FIRE Summer Heart, Joy and Humor, Satisfaction                         Trust Enthusiasm/Attraction—What do I want?                Freedom Partnership/Relationship—                                      Responsibilities Interaction with others                                            Control Communication                                                      Maturation of planned goals Assimilation and Sorting— What to pursue? What to abandon? Is there joy, humor, warmth and attraction to it?  If not, why?  What could change that? What are my fantasies and ... Read More

Problem Solving Guideline 3

EARTH Late summer Groundedness                                        Sympathy Centeredness                                         Support Nourishment                                          Confidence Giving and receiving                              Ripening and fruition Usefulness                                             Agreement Contribution Is it useful to me and others? Do I need it?  Is it needed by others? Do I deserve it? Do I feel confident about it and my ability to achieve it? ... Read More

Problem Solving Guideline 4

Metal Autumn Inspiration                                             Quality/Excelling Value/Self-worth/Refinement                 Essence                                              Structure/Form                        Respect (for self and others’ views) Harvesting/Gathering                             Structure/Form Letting go/Release non-essentials/                        Strength Elimination Do I need to make room for inspiration, to let in something new? Is my goal(s) worth pursuing?  What is its value? Is it the best it can be? Is it good enough? ... Read More

Problem Solving Guideline 5

WATER Winter Fear/Courage/Faith Adaptability/Fluidity Capacity Will/Power Gestation Coping/Clarity Reserves Investment Expertise/Wisdom Ambition/Will Do I have the will, the strength and ambition to undertake my goal? What risks are there?  What are I willing to risk? What is the worst thing that could happen? What are the possibilities? What compromises might I have to make? Am ... Read More

Ritual Imagery in Healing and Inner Work

Rituals are stereotyped symbolic acts or interactions which allow for the expression and/or alteration of values, meaning, feelings, relationships and events.  Images and symbols as well as symbolic acts are the building blocks of rituals. As a basis for spiritual and religious ceremonies, rituals make concrete the intangible and unknowable.  They serve as a doorway ... Read More