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Self-unwinding through the seasons.  A manual

We are proud to offer the following to help you in your efforts to obtain total health of mind body and spirit. For pricing and ordering information, contact Carlos at  or call him at (703)408-4965

Integrated Qigong: Meridians, Organs and Chakras Instructional Video

Healing Qigong DVD

Grounded Breathing I:   A manual Grounded Breathing II:  A manual Meditation and Qigong:   A manual Integrated Qigong:  Organs, Meridians, and Chakras:   A Manual Self-transformation in the Seasons:  Spring, Summer, Late-summer, Autumn, and Winter.  A series of manuals Dimensions of Self:  A Manual Meditation I:   A manual Meditation II:   A manual Enhancing our Emotional Intelligence:   A Manual Claiming the Value of  your Relationship:  A Manual Reclaiming Life through Chronic Illness:  A Manual Microcosmic Orbit Meditation: A Manual Chakras Meditation:  A Manual Balancing Energy Flow and Palpation:  A Manual Acupressure and Tuina:  A Manual Multiple Hands Body Work:  A Manual

Carlos has written many articles and contributed to several books on a wide variety of subjects relating to the healing arts. Below is a sample of his writing credits.

Bonding and Emotional Literacy (2003). In R. DeMaria and M.T. Hannah (Eds.), Building Intimate Relationships. New York : Brummer-Routledge

P.A.I.R.S. Research (2003). In R. DeMaria and M.T. Hannah (Eds.), Building Intimate Relationships. New York : Brummer-Routledge

“Integrated Psychoeducational Approach” (1999). In “The Intimate Couple” by Jon Carlson and Len Sperry.

The P.A.I.R.S. Program” (1999). In the “Handbook of Preventive Approaches in Couples Therapy” by R. Berger and M. Hannah

“The Use of Touch in Psychotherapy: Ethical and Clinical Guidelines” (1998). Psychotherapy, Vol. 35(2)

“Enhancing Marital Intimacy through Psychoeducation” (1997). The Family Journal, Vol. 5(3).

“Bonding and Emotional Reeducation of Couples in the PAIRS Training: PARTS I” (1996). American Journal of Family Therapy, “Bonding and Emotional Reeducation of Couples in the P.A.I.R.S. Training: Part II” (1996). American Journal of Family Therapy.

“A Longitudinal Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the PAIRS Psychoeducational Program for Couples” (1996). Family Therapy. Vol. 23 (1).

“The Use of Bonding and Emotional Expressiveness in the PAIRS Training: A Psychoeducational Approach for couples”(1994). Journal of Family Psychotherapy, Vol. 5(2).

Carlos has also published several articles in local papers and newsletters on acupuncture in the 1980′s such as in the Association for Humanistic Psychology newsletter.

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