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How Chinese Medicine Can Treat Your Insomnia

Chinese medicine, which uses natural remedies as opposed to traditional medication, has a long history of helping minimize insomnia. It could also be used to help you and others around you live a healthier life, generally.

Understanding the Body’s Flow

Human bodies have a cyclical flow, and if it is interrupted, insomnia can occur as a result. Factors that determine this flow include the time you go to bed every night and wake up every morning. How your cycle proceeds could have a lot to do with why you are more tired at certain times of the day than others.

Chinese medicine could be useful for treating insomnia because it targets your body’s energy imbalance. In Chinese culture, this is referred to as yin. A disturbance in this imbalance can have multiple causes. These could include eating heavy meals before bedtime and ingesting drinks containing alcohol or caffeine in excess.

This imbalance could be caused not just by a poor diet, however. It can also be caused by extreme emotions — whether positive or negative. Exhaustion, illness, and aging can also play a role.

Remedies for Insomnia

Chinese herbal practitioners believe some teas and herbs can help correct energy imbalances in the body. These include the buds of roses and lilies, dried longan, spinal date seed, and, most commonly, chamomile.

However, herbs and teas aren’t the only way to treat insomnia. When they are paired with certain lifestyle adjustments, the combination is most effective. Recommended adjustments include regular sessions of meditation or deep-breathing exercises.

While meditation can adjust your mind, acupuncture can adjust your body. The combination of the two is also helpful for treating insomnia. By targeting your body’s pressure points, it could help energy spread throughout your body.

Another effective way to treat insomnia is listening to relaxing music. Traditional Chinese medicine also states that, before bed, you should soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes.

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