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Carlos Durana offers wellness and life coaching sessions as well as telephone consultations.


Personal wellness counseling and life coaching are effective ways to take control of your life and your goals for your future. We all want to experience life to the fullest, with more energy and control over our circumstances. Most of all, we want to share our happiness and joy with others. Dr. Carlos Durana has spent over 30 years helping individuals learn how to harness their own power, become the architects of their own lives and live fully and authentically each and every day.

Life coaching and wellness counseling sessions with Dr. Durana are tailored to your needs and goals in life. Developed with your personal strengths in mind to create an empowered, unstoppable YOU.

• Your wellness journey with Dr. Durana begins as a new, supportive relationship that encourages your goals and guides you to a greater understanding of yourself.
• You will work directly with Dr. Durana to determine your needs, goals and readiness to make positive changes in life.
• Dr. Durana will help you create your own wellness strategy, including goals and methods to monitor your progress.
• Your life coaching and wellness counseling sessions will empower you to stay motivated and keep creating positive changes to meet your goals.
• By discussing issues with general nutrition, fitness, work-life balance, stress management and alternative medicine, you take on challenges in your life to discover the solutions that are already within your reach… within YOU.

What is Life Coaching at Seasons in our Life?

We can all use the guidance of an experienced hand. Sometimes, we turn to friends or family for advice but there are situations that require a level of expertise as well as a non-judgmental environment. Life coaching takes a look at your current obstacles and challenges and helps you discover a different, more satisfying way of navigating those difficulties in your life.

Dr. Durana’s life and wellness coaching sessions help you navigate:

• Making major life decisions like relocating, pursuing a new career or marriage.
• Family and other relationship issues.
• Life transitions such as: divorce, retirement or starting a family.
• Work-life balance problems.
• Expanding personal, artistic or creative growth.

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    healing services“My approach is based on caring, acceptance and positive regard for others. It is practical, educational, and holistic. I am a proponent of integrative approaches to health care that honor the body-mind connection and its impact on your well being. I provide you with the tools you need to find health, peace and happiness.” Dr. Durana is a licensed acupuncturist, counselor and clinical psychologist. For more information about Dr. Durana and the problems, issues, or concerns he can help you address……. Read More…

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Life and wellness coaching empowers you to make positive changes resulting in improved confidence, work performance, quality of life and well-being!

Seasons in our Life Therapy and Coaching

Therapy and counseling helps identify and understand the source of personal struggles. That insight gives you the understanding needed to work through those challenges. The motivation to move forward is where coaching takes over. Dr. Durana helps you achieve your life goals through an empowered journey of discovery of yourself, where you want to be and how to get there successfully.

Ready to take the next step toward your new life? Dr. Durana offers life and wellness coaching in Northern Virginia, Reston, Bethesda and DC, as well as via telephone.

Life and wellness coaching can be effective in helping you become more satisfied and successful in life, health and work, improve your quality of life and realize your greater potential. Read more…