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Carlos Durana, Ph.D., M.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) has been cited twice in Washingtonian Magazine as “amongst one of the most highly regarded practitioners in his field.” Dr. Durana has provided practical, integrative, holistic services since 1980 in acupuncture, body therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, life/wellness coaching, and counseling. Dr. Durana brings breadth and depth to his practice; his background includes medical Qigong, meditation, stress management, exercise, and nutrition. He offers caring, comprehensive, and integrative approaches to whole being wellness, and the treatment of a broad range of conditions. Dr. Durana also teaches skills that enhance the healing process and inner resources for successful coping in life.

Dr. Durana customizes each acupuncture treatment so that you are seen as a whole person, not just a set of health symptoms. With this holistic approach, he works with you in a partnership to support and promote the inner self-regulating mechanisms responsible for restoring and maintaining the balance and harmony of your health and wellness.

When necessary, Dr. Durana uses his mind-body and mindfulness expertise to help clients identify stressors and mental/emotional factors that contribute to physical problems. Dr. Durana offers the Seasons in Our Life seminars for self-improvement and healing to provide you with the tools to find well-being, and happiness. About Dr. Durana.

What Clients Say

Carlos treated me for many ailments. His extensive training in multiple disciplines paired with his ability to listen set him apart from other acupuncturists I have seen in the past. After An hour session with him, I feel I have taken a wonderful vacation and leave his office completely refreshed and pain free. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for an acupuncturist” G.T. Click here for more testimonials.

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Dr. Carlos Durana

psychologist“My approach is based on caring, acceptance and positive regard for others. It is practical, educational, and holistic. I am a proponent of integrative approaches to health care that honor the body-mind connection and its impact on your well being. I provide you with the tools you need to find health, peace and happiness.” Dr. Durana is a licensed acupuncturist, counselor and clinical psychologist. For more information about Dr. Durana and the problems, issues, or concerns he can help you address……. Read More…

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