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Acupuncture is a medical practice focused on stimulating certain areas and points of the body to alleviate pain and assist in treating medical conditions.

Manual Therapies

Manual Therapies, also known as bodywork, is a therapeutic service Dr. Durana provides to treat muscle pain, damaged nerves, and connective tissue.


Qigong is a traditional Chinese practice and exercise designed to increase self-awareness, personal healing, and enhancing body energy through intentional movement.

Chinese Medicine & Holistic Nutrition

Chinese medicine aims to achieve holistic nutrition, and Dr. Durana can provide a variety of recommendations to maintain a well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Life Coaching & Counseling

Providing life coaching and counseling to individuals and couples seeking to alleviate stress, empower themselves, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Healing, Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching and Self Improvement Therapies

Dr. Durana is a lifestyle coach and self improvement therapist dedicated to the health, well-being, and self development of his patients. Seasons In Our Life provides therapeutic services in Reston, Bethesda and Washington, DC.

Welcome to Seasons In Our Life

Seasons in Our Life is dedicated to the well being, healing, and self-improvement of individuals in Reston, Bethesda, and Washington, D.C. Carlos Durana, Ph.D., M.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) has been cited twice in Washingtonian Magazine as “amongst one of the most highly regarded practitioners in his field.” Dr. Durana has provided practical, integrative, holistic services since the 1980s in acupuncture, manual therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, life/wellness coaching, and counseling. Dr. Durana is a licensed acupuncturist that customizes each acupuncture treatment so that you are seen as a whole person, not just a set of health symptoms, to make a positive difference in holistic health. Dr. Durana is a lifestyle coach bringing breadth and depth to his practice; his background includes medical Qigong, meditation, stress management, exercise, and nutrition. He offers caring, comprehensive, self-improvement therapy and integrative approaches to whole being wellness, and the treatment of a broad range of conditions. As an experienced lifestyle coach, Dr. Durana also teaches skills that enhance the healing process and inner resources for successful coping in life.  With this holistic approach, he works with you in a partnership to support and promote the inner self-regulating mechanisms responsible for restoring and maintaining the balance and harmony of your health and wellness. Dr. Durana uses Chinese herbal medicine in a variety of ways to improve physical health, emotional health, and all-around self-improvement. 

When necessary, Dr. Durana uses his mind-body and mindfulness expertise to help clients identify stressors and mental/emotional factors that contribute to physical problems. Dr. Durana offers the Seasons in Our Life seminars for self-improvement and healing to provide you with the tools to find well-being and happiness through self-improvement therapy.

Meet Dr. Carlos Durana

by Karen Copeland | An Inside Look Into Seasons In Our Life

What Our Patients are Saying

“Dr. Durana is far and away the best integrative health specialist I have ever met and nothing I can say really does justice to the gentleman: he is extremely intelligent, a compassionate and caring person, and a truly outstanding practitioner, not to mention highest professional integrity. I count myself truly lucky to have found him.”

– V.A.

“Dr. Carlos Durana has assisted me with my back pain with acupuncture, exercises, manual manipulation, and deep tissue massage. He has helped me immensely using these tools of therapy. But, I appreciated not just his knowledge, but his sensitivity and caring manner that he uses as he goes about his treatment program. I am so very grateful for his talents.”

– G.H.

“I can not express the gratitude I have for Dr. Durana. In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Limited Breast Cancer. In May 2012, my PET scan results came back as clear of cancer. I sincerely believe Dr. Durana assisted in achieving these remarkable results. During my chemotherapy treatment, I experienced extremely limited side effects and was able to consistently maintain a positive outlook. Dr. Durana continues to help me understand the importance of mind/body balance and how it can physically and emotionally impact my life.”

– S.T.

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Mind Body Connection with Dr. Carlos Durana

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About Seasons in Our Life

Dr. Durana has provided practical, integrative, holistic services since 1980 in acupuncture, body therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, life/wellness coaching, and counseling.

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