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Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to treat different ailments naturally. Chinese medicine has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions, focusing on the root cause, to heal and not just treat symptoms. At Seasons in Our Life, Dr. Durana has years of experience in Chinese medicine Bethesda MD to help heal patients, and restore their quality of life. Below are 10 exceptional benefits that traditional Chinese medicine offers.


All of the medicines that are used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine are all natural, which is one of the top benefits. Although the herbs that are used in various aspects of Chinese medicine may have some side effects, the side effects are nothing compared to that of the side effects associated with modern medicine.


One of the biggest differences between traditional Chinese medicine and that of modern medicine, which is also a huge benefit, is that Chinese medicine focuses on finding what causes an illness and treating it. Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms alone.


Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is capable of treating a broad range or ailments. Anything from chronic headaches to PMS, to even helping treat addiction and the common flu. For those who are suffering from an ailment that modern medicine isn’t treating, you should look into Chinese medicine to see what can be done to treat their illnesses.

Improve General Health

With the side effects and symptoms of modern medicine removed, an individual’s overall health can greatly improve. Without relying on modern medicine, you’re able to treat the cause and improve overall health.


Traditional Chinese medicine is becoming a favorite among individuals more and more, because it focuses on more than just the physical aspects of being ill. Chinese herbal medicine also focuses on returning an individual’s mind, body, and soul to the proper balance for optimal health.


Another great benefit of traditional Chinese medicine is that it is focused on finding a diagnosis for what exactly is causing the ailment. Modern medicine generalizes illnesses, whereas, Chinese medicine focuses on finding the specifics and treating the specifics.


Because most herb medicines are made at a lower heat, they are able to retain their potency, which causes them to be as effective as they possibly can be.


Chinese medicine offers a wider range of treatments than modern medicine. The main objective with modern medicine is to get prescriptions, whereas with Chinese medicine, there are multiple options available for treatments, including herbs, massage, and food therapies.

Side Effects

With Chinese medicine, there are very few side-effects, and the few that there are, for the most part, they are harmless.

Multiple Uses

With Chinese medicine, there are multiple uses, such as calming anxiety, or helping with sleep. Chinese herbal medicine can also be used as a tonic for things like blood and nerves.

If you think that you could benefit from traditional Chinese medicine, contact Seasons In Our Life and Dr. Durana, the leading provider of Chinese medicine Washington DC, today. Don’t wait any longer, call today and see how Dr. Durana can help you live a healthier life!