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Meditation Exercises

These exercises may be performed one at a time or a number of them in   sequence.  These practices develop our ability to witness our inner life with compassion. Be fully present to your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  Notice rising and falling of abdomen...

Qualities of Being: Reflections

What brings joy, happiness and fulfillment are universal qualities inherent in our core consciousness or deeper self, qualities such as compassion, equanimity, generosity, presence, fairness, wisdom, courage, steadfastness, sympathy, integrity and valuing of life. The...

Breathing Techniques

Deep slow breathing: Back straight and relaxed.  One hand inside the other (right over left), palms facing up and thumbs touching.  Long, slow and deep inhalation expanding first the lower abdomen and then the chest, allowing the maximum amount of air into the lungs...

Due to the recent developments and to assist with health and wellbeing, Seasons in Our Life have expanded options for engagements to include video sessions.

Please call for details and scheduling.