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6 Stages of Change: Taking Control of Your Life One Step at a Time

Making important changes in our lives can sometimes be more difficult than we think. To make lasting changes occur, we need to see the steps it takes to get to the goal, not just the single decision to act. Making a choice to try acupuncture therapy, manual therapy or other forms of therapy isn’t a ... Read More
The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Daily Meditation

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Daily Meditation

Those who have been practicing meditation as a part of their daily Chinese medicine ritual, are already aware of the various health benefits that come along with the practice. Aside from the known benefits of reducing stress, fostering clearing thinking and increasing the capacity for empathy and compassion, there are additional health benefits. The benefits ... Read More

The Dalai Lama’s Practice of Compassion

We heard recently from someone who returned from India.  Her group met with the Dalai Lama for several days. The meetings focused on dialoguing what they believed were the five most important questions to be considered moving into the new millennium.  The group was asked to come up for five questions before meeting with the ... Read More

Breathing Techniques

Deep slow breathing: Back straight and relaxed.  One hand inside the other (right over left), palms facing up and thumbs touching.  Long, slow and deep inhalation expanding first the lower abdomen and then the chest, allowing the maximum amount of air into the lungs without forcing.  The breath should be one slow and continuous inhalation and ... Read More

Basic Grounding and Relaxation Technique

Begin with the AHHH breath. Relax. Check your head, neck and shoulders; let them relax, let the tension drain down and out your feet, let the exhalation carry it.  Enjoy.  What is that like?  How is your back, your chest and abdomen, your belly and pelvic region?  Let the tension drain down and out your ... Read More

Qualities of Being: Reflections

What brings joy, happiness and fulfillment are universal qualities inherent in our core consciousness or deeper self, qualities such as compassion, equanimity, generosity, presence, fairness, wisdom, courage, steadfastness, sympathy, integrity and valuing of life. The balanced flow of the five emotions helps generate these qualities in ourselves. Responses to the following will help you recall ... Read More

Meditation Exercises

These exercises may be performed one at a time or a number of them in   sequence.  These practices develop our ability to witness our inner life with compassion. Be fully present to your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  Notice rising and falling of abdomen and chest.  After a few minutes ... Read More


Many spiritual traditions view sound as the origin of all manifestations.  In the Bible, there is first the Word of God, as divine speech, and then here are light and manifestation.  Similar descriptions can be seen in ancient Hindu scriptures.  In these texts, mantra are often described for spiritual transformation and for accessing higher states of ... Read More

Ritual Imagery in Healing and Inner Work

Rituals are stereotyped symbolic acts or interactions which allow for the expression and/or alteration of values, meaning, feelings, relationships and events.  Images and symbols as well as symbolic acts are the building blocks of rituals. As a basis for spiritual and religious ceremonies, rituals make concrete the intangible and unknowable.  They serve as a doorway ... Read More