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6 Stages of Change: Taking Control of Your Life One Step at a Time

Making important changes in our lives can sometimes be more difficult than we think. To make lasting changes occur, we need to see the steps it takes to get to the goal, not just the single decision to act. Making a choice to try acupuncture therapy, manual therapy or other forms of therapy isn’t a ... Read More

A Resource Model of Growth

In my acupuncture practice in Bethesda, we use a resource model of self-development utilizing personal strengths and inner resources to generate growth.  Self-development and learning often place the emphasis on what is wrong with the person (pathologizing), on what is the hidden cause of the problem and on what can be done to fix it.  Although ... Read More

The Process of Change: An Overview

In my acupuncture Bethesda, Md., and northern Virginia acupuncture practice, I use a model of change that has been proven to be helpful with many of my clients who are looking to improve their health and level of wellness.  The following is an overview or an outline of the main points in the model. — ... Read More

Examples of Cognitions Beliefs

ISSUE:  Two of my friends got closer to each other than to me. Belief — “I am unworthy”  (sad, angry) ISSUE:  Business out of control Belief  — “To improve work, I have to worry.” Limited Self:  Worry, struggle, fear, control, not lovable, not worthy, separation, static realities, etc. Heart/Self:      Inspiration, love, authenticity, effortlessness, etc.

Homework Behavioral Tasks

Take a manageable piece. Do the container exercise.  Visualize yourself carrying out the task as you hold the container space.  Notice positive as well as potentially negative features. Notice obstacles: inner critic, excuses, rationalizations, fears, etc. What do you need to carry out this task—for example, support, encouragement, reminders. etc.? Rehearsal: Role play carrying out ... Read More