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How Life Coaching Can Help You Move Forward

You may have reached a point in your life where you feel stuck. You may feel trapped in a relationship or an unfulfilling job or you may be otherwise in a rut. However, the comfort of the familiar can make it difficult to move forward into the unknown. At such moments, a life coach can be a helpful partner in your decision-making process.

Working Toward Goals

Life coaching is a goal-oriented form of counseling. Just as an athletic coach helps athletes reach their physical goals, a life coach can help you work toward your life and wellness goals. As an experienced coach, Dr. Carlos Durana has helped many people improve their lives, navigate changes, and work toward their goals.

Developing Self-Awareness

The first step in moving forward is determining your personal goals. You may have spent your life trying to meet the expectations of others. You may try to constantly please your parents, spouse, and children without thinking about your own needs and hopes. Your life coach will work with you and help you discern what gives you meaning and joy in life.

Moving Forward With Confidence

Once you understand your goals, it’s time to take steps toward achieving them. Your coach will help you determine reasonable steps that will give you some early victories. As you enjoy a sense of accomplishment, you will become empowered to continue taking more steps. This feeling will also give you confidence as you deal with well-meaning people who question your new path.

Increasing Your Joy and Satisfaction

People are often happiest when their lives align with a sense of purpose. Moving toward your goals brings greater joy and fulfillment to your daily life. At each session, your coach will help you evaluate your progress, reflect on your experience, and help you determine your next steps.

At Seasons in Our Life, Dr. Durana focuses his work on helping clients improve their lives through personal counseling, acupuncture and other therapeutic techniques. If you’re ready to move your life in a new, more fulfilling direction, contact Seasons In Our Life to set up a life coaching appointment.