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Spring represents the regeneration of life as temperatures warm and nature wakes up to offer us new surprises each morning like greener grass and budding flowers. It inspires us to clean our houses and enjoy outdoor activities. It’s a natural time to take stock of our wellness goals to see what we have accomplished and what we still want to do.

Health goals can seem overwhelming unless we break them down into smaller components that are easier to achieve. Observing progress and seeing that finish line get closer is often what motivates us. Here are some things to consider that can help you put your goals into perspective.

Get a Physical Examination

Getting input from your family doctor is a great place to start. He or she can run tests, evaluate your current health, and make recommendations regarding diet and exercise that will get you back into top shape.

Evaluate How You Feel Now

This is the time to be brutally honest. What are you unhappy about? Are you feeling too much stress? Are you overeating to compensate? Are you forcing yourself to accept a job or a relationship situation that is unhealthy for you? Make a list of all the things you wish you could change about your current life, even if you don’t see a way to change them now. That will come later. What you need now is a game plan.

Imagine the Future

What do you want your life to look like? Don’t hold back even if you see yourself in a completely different career field, living in a different city, or even dating someone new. The input from your care provider and your concerns about your current situation will tell you where to start. Now it’s time to figure out how to achieve those targets.

Take Support Seriously

No one does everything completely alone. Perhaps a more correct phrase is that people who are more successful don’t go it alone. Having the support of a community that includes your doctor, nutritional support from a nutritionist or a sensible diet program, joining a gym or exercise group, and even seeing a counselor can ensure that you won’t feel alone and that others want the things for you that you want for yourself.

Set Small Attainable Goals

Telling yourself that you will have a new career in a year is vague and hard to remain accountable for. On the other hand, taking courses and working toward a degree or certification in a new area of expertise is a completely measurable goal that you can accomplish in smaller steps. It works the same way with weight loss, getting into better shape, and changing things little by little until you are happy with the outcome.

Excuses, Excuses

No one wants to settle for excuses and neither should you, even when you are the one making the excuses. That will have to stop if you really want to get where you want to be. A counselor or wellness coach can help you recognize what is holding you back and teach you techniques to avoid and overcome these obstacles.

Check Your Progress Periodically

We all know what happens if you get on a scale every single day. It’s the best way to discourage yourself because it’s almost impossible to see results that quickly. That’s why you need to give yourself time to make progress before you evaluate it. That includes anything from weight loss to exercise to career and relationship goals.

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