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Whether you are hitting the local gym, running a marathon, or participating on a sports team, your body is exposed to muscle and joint stress, fatigue, and even injury.

Thankfully, there are treatments available that do not require pain medication to treat pain as a result of living an active lifestyle. These treatments include massage therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture Bethesda MD. An additional benefit that many people don’t necessarily recognize when they take advantage of these treatment methods is that they not only help improve your physical performance, but they can also help to prevent strains and injuries from happening in the first place.

A well-known fact about acupuncture is that it is beneficial in helping to treat pain. Those who take advantage of acupuncture therapy know there are additional benefits that come from regular acupuncture therapy, other than pain management. Acupuncture can help individuals see an improvement in their workouts. Here are 5 ways in which regular acupuncture therapy can help to improve your active lifestyle.

  • Increase Blood Flow.

Blood flow is crucial to having a successful workout, as blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen to every part of your body. Blood also works to flush away impurities and waste products from your body. In short, blood is vital in keeping your muscles, joints, and entire body healthy and functioning.

With acupuncture treatment, the production of nitric oxide in your body is stimulated. The nitric oxide helps your blood vessels relax and opens up your arteries. As a result, you’ll have more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscles and joints, along with better overall blood circulation.

  • Promotes Homeostasis.

The overarching goal of acupuncture therapy is to balance the body’s energy, nervous system, and circulation. When your body is in balance, its systems function properly. When your body is functioning properly, you’ll experience a boost in your muscle function, resulting in better workouts.

  • Prevents Injury.

To anyone passionate about living an active lifestyle, preventing injury is key. In addition to increased blood flow and achieving optimal energy balance within your body, acupuncture therapy is able to help reduce muscle fatigue. All of these benefits minimize your chances of injury, allowing you to continue doing what you enjoy.

  • Improve Relaxation, Rest, and Recovery.

It is not uncommon following an intense workout to experience feelings of stiffness or soreness. During your workout, your muscles are stressed, and they tighten up afterward. Acupuncture treatment boosts the body’s production of endorphins, which helps your muscles relax. This will not only improve your overall performance, but it will also improve your recovery time between workouts. Your muscles are able to rest and recover instead of constantly being tense. Another benefit of acupuncture therapy is more sleep, which is essential for helping your mind and body improve their healing mechanisms. Acupuncture promotes your body’s own natural healing and inflammation-reducing tendencies. With improved relaxation and rest you’re able to have a more intense workout the next time you hit the gym.

  • Psychological Benefits.

Your best workouts will come when your mind and body are in balance. If you are experiencing mental fatigue, or feelings of depression or anxiety, your workout will suffer as well. Acupuncture therapy can have positive effects on your mental health, as the release of endorphins in your body work to promote a more positive outlook, while the balance energy works to help relieve feelings of stress.

Acupuncture Bethesda MD can have so many positive effects in different facets of your life. If you are looking for a way to improve your workouts and enjoy a more fulfilling active lifestyle, consider acupuncture therapy from Dr. Carlos Durana at Seasons in Our Lives. To see how acupuncture therapy can improve your quality of life, call Seasons in Our Lives today to schedule your acupuncture treatment appointment.