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Hormonal imbalances can happen to anyone at any age. They can cause symptoms such as mood swings, lack of energy, acne, weight gain, and irregular menstrual cycles, causing distress to one’s health. Though there are countless ways to overcome these difficulties, attending a North Virginia acupuncture clinic may be an option.  

Acupuncture focuses on stimulating the acupoints in the body to correct blockages or imbalances of energy or qi that your body may be experiencing. By redirecting a person’s qi, we can restore balance back to your meridian system and treat major imbalances within the body. The way we redirect and restore balance is by placing needles at specific acupoints along the meridians or channels of the body at certain depths and stimulate the areas that are lacking. Doing so will alleviate pain, increase blood flood, and can bring back balance to your hormones. A licensed acupuncturist will first evaluate a person’s current condition along with qi flow and will transition to other methods such as saliva testing, checking your pulse, or using herbs to determine your level of hormonal imbalance. Some of the common hormone channels that may be treated are gallbladder, liver, kidneys, thyroid, pituitary gland, and a person’s reproductive system.  

A common problem seen with hormonal imbalances is infertility. Women can experience abnormal menstrual cycles, have issues ovulating, or experience early-term miscarriage while men may struggle with low libido, erectile dysfunction, and have low sperm quality. For women, acupuncture can help stimulate egg production, regulate reproductive hormones, and decrease stress or frustrations associated with the inability to reproduce. Acupuncture also works well for men by improving sperm motility, increasing testosterone, and boosting libido. Other benefits of using acupuncture to treat infertility can include producing healthier eggs and sperm, thickening the endometrial lining of the uterus, balancing the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, and, overall, decreasing any anxiety a couple trying to conceive may be experiencing.  

The overall goal with acupuncture is to restore balance back to an individual’s qi or life flow. This method can provide a safe, holistic alternative for people who do not prefer to use traditional western medicine. Also, know that acupuncture works to redirect energy to the body in its own time. If you are considering visiting your North Virginia acupuncture clinic, be sure to discuss it with your doctor so that you can achieve the best overall balance for your lifestyle.