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In these times of uncertainty, stress can become a prevalent part of everyday life. When someone is experiencing an overload of stress it can directly affect other aspects of your life and personality. Those that are stressed tend to have less motivation to accomplish everyday tasks. When the burden of stress lurks for long periods of time it can cause one to feel sick, anxious, and unhappy. If you have found that you are experiencing these symptoms something has to be done to help release the buildup of stress. Such issues can be temporarily treated by medications, but if you’re interested in a more holistic approach, consider acupuncture. Here are some reasons acupuncture has shown to be a natural stress relief.

1. Every Patient is Unique

Every treatment is different depending on the person receiving it. Just because one method works on one person, does not mean it will work on another. The acupuncturist will find the imbalances that are causing the anxiety, and work with the body as well as the mind. A successful treatment is accompanied by breathing techniques, as well as mindfulness exercises. 

2. Creates Balance in the Nervous System

Studies have shown that heart rates are dramatically lower when receiving acupuncture treatment. This has improved the health conditions of patients everywhere both mentally and physically. Anything from muscle pain to depression can be improved simply with an acupuncture treatment. 

3. A Boost of Energy

Overworking or overexertion can lead to being overwhelmed and stressed. This can lead to feeling drowsy and moody, resulting in a state of feeling stressed. Acupuncture provides much needed support and can completely re-energize the body. It uses energy points to increase levels of energy, this and eating healthy can pay dividends in your energy levels throughout the day.

4. Acupuncture is Relaxing

If you want to have the feeling of being overcome with relaxation and peace, acupuncture treatment can do the trick.

Dr. Durana has been providing acupuncture therapy since the 80’s. As an experienced and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Durana has optimized his acupuncture treatment and procedure to successfully assist clients to relieve any stress, pain, aching, and more. Contact Seasons in Our Life to schedule an appointment.