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Begin with the AHHH breath. Relax. Check your head, neck and shoulders; let them relax, let the tension drain down and out your feet, let the exhalation carry it.  Enjoy.  What is that like?  How is your back, your chest and abdomen, your belly and pelvic region?  Let the tension drain down and out your feet.  AHHH….

Check your legs and feet. What would it be like to let the tension go there go?  AHHH…. Notice your feet.  What do they feel like?  Imagine your favorite tree.  Become the tree.  Feel your roots out of your feet.  Feel some of the energy in the feet go into the earth. Wow!  The earth supports you.  What is that like?  Allow yourself to be touched by it. What would it be like to enjoy it?

Let your roots absorb the energy, like a sponge.  Fill up—you are entitled!  We can draw from heaven/earth; we are the bridge connecting the two.  AHHH…. Let it flow into your bones, your flesh.

Let the thoughts go by like clouds.  Focus on pleasant sensations.  Be aware of the sensations.  Let them expand.  What would it be like to absorb it into your legs?…AHHH…your hips?  your back?  Let it fill your lower belly.  What happens?  Absorb it like a sponge.  Is it warm?  Tingly?
Does it have a color?   Let it expand your belly as you breathe deeply and slowly, from side to side and from back to front.  AHHH…. Enjoy it.

Notice that when you feel more grounded (in your belly and connected to the ground), you feel calmer, you head quiets now, there is less energy in your head and more in your body.