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The role of inflammation in the formation of plaques that can lead to heart diseases and heart attacks has been documented in numerous research studies. Exercise plays a role in health and prevention by helping your body clear free radicals that cause inflammation and result in the formation of plaques that can break off from arteries and cause heart attacks.

During the last few years, studies of high intensity interval training exercise have shown superior results when compared to continuous exercise. Interval training entails repeated sequences of short bursts (20”-30”) of high intensity exercise followed by rest periods (up to 4’).

Animal and human studies show superior results for interval training in reducing inflammatory molecules that are associated with aging and reducing muscle size and strength; with reducing blood inflammatory molecules; and with increasing muscle growth and strength. Interval training exercise has also shown superior results in enhancing the health of mitochondria cells which can play a role in the prevention of cancers.

In my acupuncture practice in Bethesda, I encourage the use of interval exercise in health and prevention. Not only do I recommend interval training in my acupuncture practice in Bethesda and Reston, but I also make use of it in my own exercise regime.