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  1. Take a manageable piece.
  2. Do the container exercise.  Visualize yourself carrying out the task as you hold the container space.  Notice positive as well as potentially negative features.
  3. Notice obstacles: inner critic, excuses, rationalizations, fears, etc.
  4. What do you need to carry out this task—for example, support, encouragement, reminders. etc.?
  5. Rehearsal: Role play carrying out the task making use of container space and centering functions.  Role play the opposite (limited behavior), and then conclude by role playing the task again.  Prepare for the worse. Practice using a healthy and strong assertion (belief/emotions) that supports you in carrying out the task.  The assertion acts as a choice and as a magnet.  Do it with conviction even if you don’t believe it 100%.  Example: “I am….”  “I will….”
  6. Rehearse again using the healthy assertion during the next few daysto support your intention in practicing the task.