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With every new year comes a call for New Year’s life resolution. After all, life can only get better after a year like 2020. It’s not too late to set and follow through on some 2021 resolutions. Do you find yourself in a rut when setting goals every year, but falling short on so many important promises to yourself? You aren’t alone. Studies show that around 80% of people that set resolutions for the new year drop them by February (Forbes 2020) — not an inspiring statistic for most. 

How a Life Coach Can Help

A life coach is someone who is knowledgeable and has received qualifications to help people reach their personal goals. These motivational mentors assist their clients to accomplish objectives by discussing current and problematic dilemmas in their lives. Whatever your struggle may be, be it fitness, academics, addiction (smoking, drinking, etc.), a life coach can help. A life coach clarifies the aspirations that each person naturally has by using a range of strategies in both their personal and professional lives. Rational and methodical goals on how to accomplish those resolutions start once a plan has been established. Though geared towards the short-term, developing a goal-oriented lifestyle has long-term mental health benefits. Goals tend to be performative and give the pursuant a light at the end of the tunnel for encountering many of life’s toughest challenges. A life coach’s ability to follow up with you on your successes and shortcomings keeps you accountable and more likely to endure when going gets tough.

Finding a Life Coach

Find a life coach that best suits you and your specific needs. When deciding on a coach that works best for you, make sure to look for a certified professional that has positive reviews from previous clients. Get referrals from people you know that have worked with a life coach in the past. Overall improved wellness starts with a resolution and the desire to be proactive about self-betterment. 

Dr. Durana is a holistic lifestyle coach providing wellness tips to heal the body, mind, and spirit to ensure you are living your life to its fullest potential. Request an appointment with Seasons in Our Life by calling, emailing, or filling out the form here.