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It can be a painstaking experience to go through withdrawal from any addiction. In addition to the psychological compulsion, the manifestation of physical withdrawal symptoms can make every moment feel like an eternity, also making it difficult to resist the desire to abuse again. Acupuncture is an ancient, holistic technique that has become increasingly used to assist recovering addicts resolve their difficulties in substance withdrawal.

Holistic treatments are a perfect way to enhance traditional detoxification. They help foster a sense of well-being and equilibrium over a cycle that is marked by many ups and downs. Physical withdrawal symptoms can be highly discouraging. They can permanently affect both body and mind. They may also assist in enforcing a paradigm of habit that will ultimately lead back to the chosen substance, thus falling back into the perpetual arms of addiction.

Addiction produces a body-wide imbalance that impacts the physical and mental health of those who suffer from it. In conjunction with other treatment methods, like counseling, acupuncture can help some patients regain balance by managing their symptoms.

The root of these benefits may lie in the way that acupuncture promotes the production of dopamine. Dopamine naturally decreases the discomfort of withdrawal and produces a more pleasurable state of mind. Releasing this chemical may help manage the physical and emotional pain of opiate addiction and withdrawal. Understanding this impact is an essential element in determining how effective acupuncture is in treatment of different forms of addiction. The more research conducted, the more benefits are found pertaining to the benefits of acupuncture and overcoming addiction.

Acupuncture treatments are a natural means that aid to facilitate an effective route to sobriety. The technique used in acupuncture is a heavily practiced therapeutic procedure that has been used to treat a wide range of issues for centuries. Season in Our Life is an acupuncture therapy clinic that will help you to determine if this method is right for you and your treatment needs. By participating in a consultation with our specialists, your unique situation can be assessed and addressed.