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Benefiting From Chinese Herbal Medicines at Different Stages of Life

If you are puzzled about when and how to use Chinese herbal medicine, you are not alone. Learning some basics will help you start using them, and as you do, you will find that you continue to grow in their knowledge throughout your life.


Many people find that using Chinese herbs with their infants may help with common issues. For example, babies who often cry because their stomach is hurting or who seem to be eating and then tossing back up part of their meal may benefit from bao he wan. Be sure to dilute the herb. Generally, babies and infants should not be given more than half of the recommended adult dose and should not be given anything that has a pungent taste or is overly rich.

Children and Teens

As with all areas of Chinese medicine, it is vital to work with a trained professional who can understand what is wrong and how herbs can be used to help the condition. Formulas developed by doctors often contain anywhere from four to 15 different herbs. Some herbs may have antiviral or antibacterial properties, while others work with the body’s immune system to encourage the body to heal itself. Generally, children should not be given more than two-thirds of an adult dose.


There are more than 50 herbs that adults may find beneficial and can be used to treat viruses, bacterial infections, or other health issues. Be sure that you are getting the Chinese herbs from a high-quality source. These herbs can be used to help with a variety of issues, including allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, menopause, menstrual issues, fatigue, and immune system regulation.

Senior Citizens

Chinese herbal medicine and holistic nutrition can be beneficial for seniors. It may be prescribed to aid with specific issues, like low iron counts. It may also be used to help with brain performance and to stop stomach cramping.

If you are interested in seeing if herbs can help you, contact Seasons In Our Life. Trained professionals can help you understand how Chinese herbal medicine can specifically help you on your journey toward overall health and wellness.