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For many of us, being quarantined indoors for too long over the course of the last year has contributed to a resolve for a better year in 2021. This could mean you have a list of New Year’s resolutions, perhaps even a longer list than you did last year. Recent reports have shown that 2020 was especially hard on our overall well being. As a result, there is undoubtedly more riding on 2021’s resolutions. Below are a few suggestions to help you maintain the resolutions you’ve created for yourself this year.

Define Your Goal

Define the target. Establish a timeframe for your target, with smaller objectives to be reached along the way. For example, if your target is 30 minutes of exercise every day, you could start with a 15 minute resolution every other day, with the objective to update your goal every month. When you’re specific about what steps you’re going to take to achieve your overall goal, your resolution will be easier to achieve. Make sure you can commit to the goal within the timeframe you’ve given yourself.

Be Patient

It may take months to permanently alter your actions. You need to make a deliberate effort to keep track of the long process. Prepare yourself mentally by accepting that it will take time to change.

Think Positive

Positive thinking plays a vital role in overcoming bad habits. The voice inside your head needs to be optimistic, but realistic. Your own words of affirmation will remove self-doubt and support when you’re tempted to slip back into old habits. It might be difficult to make changes in your life, but dwelling on the negativity will deter you. Try not to worry about how exhausted you’ll be after a gym session, or how stressful it can be to quit smoking – believe you can make those changes. But also, remember to be forgiving. You aren’t going to be perfect and you will make mistakes. Forgive yourself and try again tomorrow.

How you initially set up and manage your New Year’s resolutions is crucial. It can set you on the right track for the future and help you to move forward. If you know how to set practical, actionable goals, it will be easier to follow through and make meaningful changes. If you’d like to discuss your resolutions with a life coach who can help keep you maintain your goals, schedule an appointment with Dr. Durana at Seasons in Our Life.