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Acupuncture has had a long history of benefits throughout the ages. Acupuncture has a track record of getting to the point of bodily issues and energy flow. Acupuncture is the process of rebalancing the body’s flow of energy by inserting fine needles at corresponding nerve points. An acupuncturist can help stimulate the body’s own healing response. At Seasons of Our Life, our greatest concern is, and always has been, the safety and overall well-being of our staff and clients. As a result of the recent pandemic, we have reviewed our practices to ensure that our patients will be as safe as possible. 

For many of our clients, acupuncture isn’t merely a luxury but helps them manage pain and medical issues. For these individuals, acupuncture treatment is essential. Additionally, we have to consider the excess stress many are feeling during this time. Holistic practices like acupuncture can help support mental health through a time when many people are struggling with isolation, anxiety, and more time indoors.

If the prevalence of COVID-19 in the local community is low and appropriate precautions are maintained, acupuncture services can be delivered relatively safely. 

During this time, Seasons in Our Life will accommodate both new and existing patients who do not show any Covid-19 symptoms. Additionally, all surfaces and equipment will be sanitized after each client’s visit.  We are doing our best in order to preserve yours and our own health and wellness. We are grateful for your cooperation in such challenging times.