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Heart, Joy and Humor, Satisfaction                         Trust
Enthusiasm/Attraction—What do I want?                Freedom
Partnership/Relationship—                                      Responsibilities
Interaction with others                                            Control
Communication                                                      Maturation of planned goals
Assimilation and Sorting—
What to pursue?
What to abandon?
Is there joy, humor, warmth and attraction to it?  If not, why?  What could
change that?
What are my fantasies and desires about it?
What is my preference? Do I like it?  Does it touch any central conflict?
Is there love and compassion in it?
Is it something I can incorporate into my life?
What must I pursue and what must I abandon in order to achieve it?
How do I need to mature in relationship to it?

How will it affect my relationships with others?  Do I need partnership in order to pursue it?