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Inspiration                                             Quality/Excelling
Value/Self-worth/Refinement                 Essence                                              Structure/Form                        Respect (for self and others’ views)
Harvesting/Gathering                             Structure/Form
Letting go/Release non-essentials/                        Strength

Do I need to make room for inspiration, to let in something new?
Is my goal(s) worth pursuing?  What is its value?
Is it the best it can be?
Is it good enough?
What values does it uphold?
Am I being perfectionistic?
Does it convey my spiritual principles?
Do I have an ideal model?  Does it clash with that model?
Am I respecting other points of view?
Will it survive?
What do I not need and must dispose of?  For example: resistances.

What do I need to preserve?

Due to the recent developments and to assist with health and wellbeing, Seasons in Our Life have expanded options for engagements to include video sessions.

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