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Energy Balancing—What Is It, and Is It Right for You?

“Humans are dynamic beings of energy. Our bodies are a complex network of interwoven energies, organized and nourished by ‘subtle’ energetic systems which coordinate the life force within the body,” said Richard Gerber, M.D., who authored Vibrational Medicine.

This is the idea behind energy balancing, a bodywork technique that we at Seasons In Our Life specialize in. Taking advantage of ancient holistic methods, this kind of therapy aims to work on the flow of energy that is known to both affect and influence our wellness and then balance it within a patient.

When it comes to these techniques, these types are generally considered as the most important energy balancing techniques:

  • Reiki Healing uses hand movements and specific symbols to heal the body.
  • Crystal Healing uses stones and crystals to draw out impurities from the body.
  • Pranic Healing uses energy to speed up our body’s healing process.
  • Quantum Healing uses resonance and entertainment to heal spiritually and also boost the immune system.
  • Qigong is rooted in Chinese medicine and uses coordinated movements, breathing, and meditation to balance our body’s positive energy.
  • Acupuncture can be used to release energy blockages in the body and stimulate healing within the body.

While all intrinsically different, all of these techniques are made to help a person heal from an illness that they may be suffering from.

Is Energy Balancing for You?

Energy balancing is for anyone suffering due to a disturbance in their body’s energy flow, and that might be you. Since everyone has their own energy flow that connects their mind, body, and soul, each person can experience disturbances that can negatively affect their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

You can use the ancient techniques practiced via energy healing to get your energy flowing properly again and restore your body’s balance, which helps your body to heal from illness. Energy healing is a powerful technique used for conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, or even couples counseling. At Seasons In Our Life, Dr. Durana utilizes energy balancing methods, such as Qigong and acupuncture. Learn more at the Seasons In Our Life website.