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Qigong has been described as a mind-body-spirit practice that works to improve an individual’s mental and physical health. This is accomplished through posture, movement, breathing techniques, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. There are thousands of different styles that focus on Qi “subtle breath” or “vital energy,” and Gong “skill cultivated through steady practice,” that can help individuals achieve and support their personal goals.

Benefits of Qigong

The practice of Qigong healing in Bethesda opens the flow of energy in the same meridians that are used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice. This allows for the enhanced ability to feel the Life Force that is underlying the physical world around us, and to deepen our ability to communicate with it.

Slow, physical movements warm up the tendons, ligaments, and muscles within the human body, along with tonifying vital organs and connective tissues; all while promoting circulation of bodily fluids (including blood, synovial, and lymph). Numerous studies have shown that the practice of Qigong is effective in helping to heal various conditions in the human body, including high blood pressure, chronic illness, emotional frustration, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.

Different Paths of Qigong Healing

There is a wide variety of training paths that fall under the Qigong healing practice, each have intrinsic benefits, all while differing in areas of focus, intention, and methodology. Under the umbrella of Qigong practice there are two main paths that individuals may elect to follow to meet personal goals. These paths include personal cultivation and clinical.

  • Personal Cultivation:

    Every Qigong path is a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. This comes about through the use of movement, breath and intention.

  • Clinical:

    Professionals draw upon their years of experience and training, self-cultivation, and study to effectively teach Qigong exercises and meditations. These methods are based on a variety of diagnostic and assessment systems and are used to restore health and wellness to patients.

Within personal cultivation, there are different paths that work to achieve the ultimate end goal. These different paths include: health, clinical, martial, and spiritual.

  • Health:

    Practice to prevent disease and to improve, sustain, and maximize one’s overall wellbeing.

  • Clinical:

    A practice where self-cultivation and clinical applications are intertwined where clinical abilities are able to develop, and personal cultivation can evolve.

  • Martial:

    A practice that increases one’s own abilities for self defense and offensive martial arts abilities.

  • Spiritual:

    A practice that unites one’s connection to the transpersonal—heaven, earth, humanity, and source.

Qigong healing has been developed and perfected over the last 2,000 years. People of all ages, and physical fitness levels can benefit from practicing Qigong in Reston. Contact Seasons In Our Lives today to schedule an appointment to learn how you can benefit from integrating this amazing practice into your own life.